About Sarah

I founded this business with the intention of addressing a gap in the pet sitting industry, where the needs of cats are often overlooked. Recognizing the importance of providing cat guardians with the assurance that their feline companions receive proper care, attention, and enrichment, I set out to create a service dedicated to meeting the unique requirements of cats.

My personal connection to the work stems from being a mother to five cats myself. Having experienced the challenges of finding trustworthy care for my own feline family when traveling, I understand the concerns that cat owners face. It brings me great satisfaction to offer my clients peace of mind, knowing that they have entrusted their beloved cats to a genuine cat lover who prioritizes their well-being.

With a background spanning over two decades in cat guardianship, I bring a wealth of experience to the industry. My journey includes roles as a Veterinary Technician in both day practices and shelter environments, fostering newborn kittens, and hands-on involvement with various cat health issues, such as diabetes, kidney failure, urinary problems, and a range of behavioral issues. My commitment is to provide the highest level of care for your feline companions, drawing on my extensive expertise and genuine love for cats.

"It's my job to create a stress free environment for your cat in the comfort of their own home." - Sarah
Sarah Wood - "The Cat Whisperer"